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Thettra Shugart & Forever So Beautiful

Beauty is created and bringing it out where it seems to hide is a skill only individuals like Thettra Brown Shugart have. As the CEO of Forever So Beautiful, a cosmetic brand she launched in 2011, she is committed to being a lasting solution to women with cosmetics-related issues. Every woman wants to be told she’s beautiful but like they say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Forever So Beautiful is that one brand that makes you everyone’s beholder. Since its establishment, it has symbolized that confidence and beauty are virtues within us and that we are beautifully and spectacularly designed.

Thettra Brown Shu is a makeup artist and photographer who combines her skills in promoting beauty in people who require her services. She is a native of Charleston SC and with her education in esthetician from the Academy of Cosmetology and a Business accounting education from Miller Motte Technical College, it is no surprise that she is has proven to be an outstanding entrepreneur. Her dream to establish a cosmetic line of her own began while she was working for Ulta Cosmetics. She always communicated this vision to her co-workers and before launching her cosmetics and product line, she made sure to acquire the necessary education.

Her passion for photography is innate. Growing up, she always had a camera in her backpack and purse since middle and high school. She was encouraged in December 2012 by a male photographer to go into photography after seeing her take pictures with her cell phone. With this drive, Thettra started her own photography business.

Over the years, Thettra has successfully worked with many celebrities and has been on House Wives of Atlanta and Lifetime Network. As a visionary, Thettra’s goals for Forever So Beautiful are to launch products globally and to open salons across the world.
To a Full Beauty & Co Experience
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